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"A little about me or a lot......

I was born and raised in beautiful Northern California in a city called San Jose. Life has always been an adventure for me and I truly believe it should be. Find your passions and live for them and follow your dreams.

At the age of 18, I came to visit Arizona to look at a school and fell in love. I knew this is where I was going to end up in life. I fell in love with the people, the weather, and way of living. When I went back to California all my friends and family knew I would be back in Arizona someday, and they were right!

I started my real estate journey in property management. Started as a leasing consultant and worked my way up to property manager. This is where the reality of buying vs. renting truly came to light for me. Why would I rent when I can buy? My mortgage would be less than what people were paying during the boom for a studio apartment. At the young age of 22, with the help of the most amazing mom, I bought my first fixer upper in San Jose, CA. It's was amazing. With the help of friends and family we remodeled the kitchen, bath, and had landscaping done. I turned around and sold this for twice what I paid for it. ?

About 5 years later, I took the leap and bought my first investment home in Chandler, Arizona that I still have it to this day. It was way out on some dirt roads in the middle of nowhere on McQueen and Ocotillo. Yeah, well if you are from Arizona you know that is no longer the middle of nowhere. Chandler is thriving and is such a great city and because of my investment there life have been good! Few years later I bought my second investment home on the outskirts of Gilbert. Again, it is now the gateway to the great town of Queen Creek and accessible to the 202. People thought I was crazy at 25, you have a house and now you want to invest in another, you are going to loose everything, you can't carry that much. Well, yes I did and it was a life changer!! My real estate obsession and vision has led me to a beautiful life with cushion and security for my son and me. I love to share my story and how all things are possible. Just do what makes you happy! Not everyone will believe in your vision but that's ok no one has to except YOU!

I have over 15 plus years experience in Real Estate related industries. Property management, investing, marketing, and time with the San Francisco Apartment Association. I would love to help you even if you’re not ready to take the leap now. Let's talk and find out what goals we can put in place to get you there when you are ready!! Real Estate has changed my life for the better and it can do the same for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story!!





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I've personally worked with Carol in Property Management and she is one of the most professional people I know. I've known her for close to 20 years now and she is a very honest and trustworthy person not to mention, has a great personality, is outgoing and enjoys having fun with friends. I would not hesitate to do business with her and in fact, as soon as I'm ready to make my next investment purchase in Arizona, Carol will be who I elect to handle my business acquisitions.

John TacciSatisfied Client

Carol is the best,
She fully understands the Arizona market place and helped me invest in the proper areas. She make buying real estate seamless and easy!

Mark SkorheimSatisfied Client

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