Autumn Litsey

By February 16, 2018

Autumn moved to Arizona from Denver, Colorado in 2017. Not shy to learning new places she grew up in Northern California, and Western Colorado. After years of helping others in the medical field her desire to help others continues into wanting to help people find their dream home. In early adulthood she gained sales experience that continued to grow with exceptional customer service. Now being able to put her experience and dedication to work she is an up and coming real estate agent. Working with a great mentor, the amazing array of agents at an arms reach, and a top of the market broker. She doesn’t lack the support to go far in the industry. The uplifting, and positive culture spreads joy into her life and those around her. Autumn’s growing family consists of her baby girl, her soon to be husband, and their two dogs. In Autumn’s free time she enjoys experiencing the outdoors, going to community events, live music, and going to the gym. Exploring all of what Arizona has to offer Autumn stays dedicated to give her clients the very best.